The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Prediction tool increases accuracy of abusive head trauma diagnosis


AHTpredict'This tool has the potential to contribute to decision-making in these challenging [abusive head trauma (AHT)] cases.'

Researchers validated the effectiveness of the Predicting Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) tool, designed to detect the likelihood of AHT in children diagnosed with intracranial injuries. Researchers screened 198 children younger than 36 months of age for characteristics associated with AHT:

  • retinal hemorrhage
  • rib and long-bone fractures
  • apnea
  • seizures
  • head or neck bruising

The researchers suggest that using the tool can help clinicians diagnose AHT as well as determine the best course of action for treatment. CLICK THIS LINK to more about the study and commentary on the Healio website. You can click this link to read the abstract on the Pediatrics website.