Parents' Stories About Crying

Many parents have experienced difficulty handling the frustrations that arise from caring for an infant that cries for long periods of time, even as much as 2 hour periods of crying. At that time, you may feel as though you are the only person who is or has experienced the stress of dealing with a baby considered a "high crier."

Know that you are not alone. Below this introductory paragraph and in the right navigation pane, you will find links to stories of parents who have experienced the difficulty of caring for a "high crier." Please click on the links to read about their respective experiences and how they were able to deal with their frustrations.

I Survived My Baby's "Colic"
Karen and Her Baby, Jack

Weeping, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth: My Story of Surviving a High Crier
Jodi and Her Baby, Casen