The NCSBS helps thousands of professionals, parents and caregivers by providing support, information, training and assistance on SBS/AHT (shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma) prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for AHT. Most importantly, the NCSBS works diligently to prevent infants from being shaken. We would like to continue our efforts, but we canít do it alone. Our success depends upon funding from individuals and corporations who care, like you! The families of victims count on our training, and your support to continue educating their communities on this form of child abuse.

You can contribute in one of three ways:

Online - PLEASE NOTE: Online donations are not currently being accepted. To donate, please either send to the address below or call our office at 801-447-9360. Thank you for your understanding, and we will make online donations active as soon as we are able.

Please be sure to disable any pop-up blockers when trying to make an online donation as these will stop you from being able to fill in your information to make your gift.

Send to:
National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
1433 North Highway 89
Suite 110
Farmington, UT 84025

Call 801-447-9360