Janelle Page Misbach



Kaysville, Utah (USA)

Janelle’s career in marketing began over a decade ago with Neighborhood Gold, where she and her colleagues helped create the largest down payment assistance market in the nation. When HUD put an end to down payment assistance, Janelle began freelance marketing before joining the PROGENEX marketing team. With the assistance of her team, Janelle was able to help PROGENEX double sales, secure a multi-year contract as the official supplement sponsor of the CrossFit Games and establish brand dominance within the CrossFit industry.

In 2013, Janelle left PROGENEX and established KickFire—a boutique, marketing firm dedicated to helping business owners light up their business through custom, and strategic, laser beam focused, marketing campaigns.

Janelle is a highly sought after consultant and is committed to and passionate about helping business owners grow their business. She spends countless hours presenting and teaching at marketing boot camps and conferences across the nation. She has been profiled in Small Business Trendsetters, as well as featured in Business Innovators Magazine for her business acumen and marketing expertise.